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West Valley Dance Company’s ‘Big God’ nominated for Best Open/Acro/Ballet Performance by the Industry Dance Awards

The Industry Dance Awards (IDA) & Cancer Benefit Show is an annual event that brings the global dance community together in celebration of creativity, industry innovation, and the fight against cancer.

Through a meticulous selection process that spans nine national dance competitions, five dance conventions, and the entire professional dance community, the Industry Dance Awards recognizes performers and dance icons in numerous award categories.

2,239 routines were nominated for all outstanding performances. 455 were nominated for Best Open/Acro/Ballet Performance, and only 9 were selected for the prestigious honor to compete for first place in the industry in this category.

West Valley Dance Company is proud to be nominated for Best Open/Acro/Ballet Performance of 2022 for ‘Big God’, choreographed by Ali Lambrecht and performed by our 2021-2022 Competition Team: Malena Jelic, Kaitlyn Ly, Isabelle O’Hara, Sofia Passanisi, Alessandra Smith, Sarah Woodrow, and Emma Zilger.

We are so proud of our graduating senior competition team who have now all gone onto the next stage in their academic and dance careers.

Please vote for ‘Big God’ for Best Open/Acro/Ballet Performance on or by clicking the button below.

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