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Group Classes

Our group dance classes are structured to help you increase your skills while having fun. From classes that teach you the foundational steps, to technique and even performance skills, there is something for everyone.
This is also a great way to meet other dancers within the ballroom community.

4:00 PMBallroom/Latin 1 (6-9)Ashley C.
5:00 PMTeam Technique* (12-18)Ashley C.
6:00 PMPetite Ballroom Performance Team**Steve V. / Sabine B.
7:00 PMIntro to Latin TechniqueAshley C.
8:00 PMSmooth PerformanceDan T.
4:00 PMTeam Ballroom Technique* (7-11)Ashley C.
5:30 PMJunior Ballroom Performance Team**Steve V. / Sabine B.
7:00 PMBachata Dan T.
8:00 PMSalsaDan T.
4:00 PMIntro to Ballroom (6-9)Ashley C.
5:00 PMTeam Ballroom Technique* (7-11)Ashley C.
6:00 PMTeam Ballroom Technique* (12+)Ashley C.
7:00 PMIntro to Ballrooom TechniqueSabine B.
8:00 PMAdult Performance Team**Steve V. / Sabine B.
4:00 PMStyling 1 (10-15)Ashley C.
5:00 PMIntro To Ballroom (4-6)Ashley C.
5:30 PMBallroom/Latin 1 (10-13)Sabine B.
7:00 PMIntro to Ballroom (Adult)Sabine B.
8:00 PMIntro to Latin (Adult)Ashley C.
4:00 PMTechnique 1 (10-13)Sabine B.
5:00 PMStyling 1 (6-9)Sabine B.
*Instructor approval required

**Begins on September 22nd, 2021

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