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We are excited to announce our recital for the 2022-2023 season:

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Main Character Auditions for our 2023 Recital

Auditions – Saturday, August 27th, 9-11am (Open to Everyone)

Please click here to register for Main Character Auditions.

Callbacks – Sunday, August 28th, 9-10:30am (Invitation Only)

West Valley Dance Company – 1226 S. Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95128

We will be casting the following roles:

Willy Wonka, Charlie Bucket, Mrs. Bucket, Grandpa Jo, Grandma Georgina, Grandma Josephine, Grandpa George, Augustus Gloop, Gloop Parent, Veruca Salt, Salt Parent, Violet Beauregarde, Beauregarde Parent, Mike Teavee, Teavee Parent, Arthur Slugworth, Television Host, Candy Shop Owner, Oompa Loompas

Click here for cast dialogue

COSTUME FEE: Costume fees will range from $90.00-$175.00

REHEARSAL/CLASS FEE: There will be a $250.00 participation fee (If you are enrolled on our unlimited plan, this fee will be covered by your regular tuition). 

REQUIREMENTS: All participants must be between the ages of 8-18yrs. Performers must be enrolled in two or more WVDC dance classes. 

Please RSVP for an audition time slot at:

Important Dates and Information


There are a limited number of roles and not every child who auditions will be cast. Please prepare your performer in advance of this possibility.

CASTING: We are casting for one cast with the possibility of a second. We are looking for young performers to bring to life the characters of Charlie, Veruca, Violet, Mike TV, Augustus Gloop, Willy Wonka, and many more.

The cast list will be emailed on: Monday, August 29th.

REHEARSALS: If selected to be part of the acting cast of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, your child will be required to attend rehearsals on a regular basis from October 2022-June 2023. A rehearsal schedule will be sent to you with dates and times your child will need to attend rehearsal (your child will not be required to attend every rehearsal).

DRESS REHEARSALS: All cast will be required to attend all dress rehearsals. (June 20-23, 2023)

PERFORMANCES: All cast will be required to attend June performances. (June 22, June 23, June 24, 2023)


Actors will be brought in with their audition group (6-8 performers). They will then introduce themselves and read a set of lines of their choosing from the character sheet. Each audition group will last 10-15 minutes.  Actors will then be excused and emailed if they are chosen for callbacks. Callbacks will be emailed by 8pm on August 27th.