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Recital Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to buy a ticket for my dancer? 

A. No, your dancer does not need a ticket to enter the Center for Performing Arts. 

Q. Can I pick my dancer up immediately after their performance? 

A. No, we will release all the children from the stage at the end of the show.  

Q. What will my dancer be doing during the show when they are not performing? 

A. Dancers will watch half the show from the Rehearsal Hall with their group and group leader. The other half of the show, they will be seated backstage with their group and group leader, and will be able to watch through the wings before and after their performance. 

Q. Should my child wear their costume to the Center for Performing Arts for the rehearsal? 

A. With the exception of our WVDC Performance and Competition Team dancers, it is not a dress rehearsal. Please have your dancer wear comfortable clothes they can dance in. 

Q. Are you providing food or drinks during the rehearsal? 

A. We will have small snacks available for those who need it. 

Q. Does my Action Day student have to ride the bus for the rehearsal? 

A. We encourage all Action Day students to ride the bus so we can keep their groups together.  

Q. Are there seatbelts on the busses? 

A. School busses and charter busses are not required to have seatbelts due to the configuration of the vehicle. We only use transportation services that are certified and authorized to transport children. Busses are available only for Action Day students on Rehearsal day.

Q. My child is 2 ½ and not performing in the show. Do I need to buy a ticket for him? 

A. Any children ages 3 and under who will sit on your lap for the duration of the show do not need a ticket.