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Ballroom Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a drop-in group class and a series class?

The main difference between the two type of classes is continuity. With a drop-in class, there is no progression as they are each stand alone from the rest and is mostly focused on steps. Series style classes, the instructor knows that they can build on information, and are able to pre-plan for the whole month.

What is the difference between group classes and private lessons?

Private lessons are for either a single or couple and are catered to develop the students maximum potential by focusing on their specific needs. With our 45 minute private lessons, we are able to show much faster growth in our students. Group classes give you the opportunity to meet other students, plus the ability to get access to a variety of topics that may not usually be in your private lesson program. Also, you are able to practice your steps with other students (If you so choose).

Do I need a partner to take dance lessons?

Fortunately, no. Whether it is a group class where you dance with other students, or a private lesson, where your teacher can partner with you, there is always someone to dance with.

Should I attend a Dance Social?

Dance socials are the perfect way to practice what you have learned in a friendly environment and as a bonus you get to meet new friends.

I only want to learn one type of dance, should I take other classes?

Think of it as cross training. People tend to move a certain way, and by trying other styles, it forces you to learn new forms of movement that increase coordination, flexibility and more. 

Every style of dance has a basic instinctive way of movement, but even the slowest Waltz, has more dynamic movements as you get more advanced. By trying other styles, it will expose you to other dynamic ranges that will help you as you progress on the dance that you are passionate about. And who knows, you may find yourself loving something that you never expected. 

Why do you offer Performance, Technique or Styling classes?

Each class has a different focus: In Performance classes, you get a choreography approach to the class. Technique classes are focused on elements to improve quality, coordination and ease of movement. In Styling classes, it’s about developing the details that give sophistication and life to your dancing.

A balance between all of them is the recommended for an overall development of our dancers.