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Company History

West Valley Dance CompanyThe West Valley Dance Company was created for dancers craving additional performance opportunities and competitive dancing experience. The first dance team, the Dance Cats, was comprised of dancers in 4th-8th grade who began the tradition of performing at local holiday events and competing. The six dancers in the small competition group “Telephone” competed in regional competitions, winning various awards and accolades. Due to the success of the team’s first season, the Dance Cats blossomed into two teams: an Upper Team (for dancers in 5th-8th grade) and a Junior Team (for dancers in 2nd-4th grade). The 2011/12 team saw the formation and success of multiple routines in several competitions throughout the Bay Area. That same year, the Dance Cats traveled to Las Vegas in order to compete in a Nationals Competition – where they won several trophies for their performances. The success of the Dance Cats was observed by both the company and the community, paving the way for continued growth and potential.

West Valley Dance CompanyIn fall 2012, the Dance Cats gave “birth” to the Dance Kittens – an invite-only, performance-based dance team for dancers 4-6 years of age. The Dance Kittens performed with the Dance Cats at many local holiday/spring events and became a huge accomplishment for the WVDC. So much so, that, by fall 2013, the Kittens were split into two groups: an Upper and a Junior Team based upon level and the coaches’ recommendation. The same year, the WVDC sought to incorporate a more diverse group into the Company: an all-boys dance/hip-hop team titled the Tom Cats. The Tom Cats are comprised of boys ages 4 & up who also crave additional performance opporuntities and desired an introduction to the realm of dance conventions and competitions. Together, the Dance Cats, Dance Kittens, and Tom Cats competed throughout the 2013/14 season in various combinations/routines in dance competitions on the regional and the national scale.

In spring 2014, the Dance Cats were ready to say “good luck” and “goodbye” to members of their original “Telephone” routine. Unable to comprehend the WVDC without them, the company designed a new team for dancers at their age and calibur: the All Stars. The Team is comprised of experienced dancers seeking to continue their dance education throughout their high school careers.